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Feel free to reach out to any representative from the Woodcraft League of America℠ below. Please Allow 48 Hours for a Response.

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Woodcraft League of America℠ Address and contact info:

128 Love Road
Valencia, PA 16059
Monday – Friday, 10:30 am – 3:30 pm
Phone +1 (724) 612-7572

For questions about Starting a Tribe, Starting a Lodge, or Joining a Tribe, please fill out the contact form on the next page ——>

Angella Yeager

Co-Owner of National WLA and Owner of PA Lodge

Everte Farnell

Owner of WLA Florida Lodge

Tim Birch

Owner of WLA Arizona Lodge

James Bender

Owner of WLA
Ohio Lodge

April Mayo

Owner of WLA Texas Lodge

Jay Hercules

Owner of WLA
West Virginia Lodge

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